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Season sIX

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I am seriously jonesing for Degrassi here. So, I decided to restart my Degrassi rpg. Disregard all information from previous game.

If you want your old character back don’t worry about applying just send me an email.

Starts where season 6 left off ….

Interested, read the rules.


1) Choose a charcter and fill out the following application. (email it to me at aimee.hutto@gmail.com)

1) Your Livejournal name

2) Character you want?

3) How long have you watched Degrassi the next generation?

4) Favorite character?

5) Least favorite character?

6) Favorite episode?

7) If applicable, what is your favorite ship (relationship)?

2) Create a seperate livejournal for the character.

3)I am not crazy when it comes to spelling. I miss type occasionally but if it obvious you don't care or it becomes habitual, will have a talk.

4) Don't kill anyone off. This may be a little A.U. but I would like the characters to remain as they were created (if I can can).

5) Update 3 or more tiems a week and comment when your are spoken about or if you are spoken to.

6) When OOC use brackets like the following [blah,blah,blah]

7) NC-17 and slash etc are excepted just put those post under a cut and please be tactful.

8) Be kind to the mod and other members.

9)Don't clone and put the phrase new year, new look, new paige at the bottom of your app so I know you read the rules. I will post a list of open and taken characters under the rules.

10) Read the first post to see if you like the direction I am taking. If I don't like where you take the character i will email you.

11) You can claim up to 3 characters at a time but you cannot play both sides of relationship ie Hazel/jimmy etc..

* Your are writing this as though it is an online kept by your character, please assume everyone can read your journal. If you want entry "friends only", put it under a cut and list the people who "cant" see it. if you want all of your entries "friends only", (I don't suggest it but you can do it), same rules apply. *

Taken Characters-

Craig Manning
Ellie Nash
Emma Nelson
Sean Cameron
Manny Santos
Ashley Kerwin
Jimmy Brooks

Available Characters

Spinner Mason
Jay Hogart
J.T. York
Liberty Van Zant
Marco Del Rossi
(I might have left some out...)

any other charcter, just run it by me

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